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Steve Harvey You Have to Jump

      Steve Harvey is known for being a comedian, radio personality,television host and an author. He’s well known from hosting  the Steve Harvey Show. Harvey has always persuaded everyone to follow their dreams and goals.His career is focused on inspiring others to become the absolute best version of themselves. 
      Steve Harvey plays a big role in the community, he believes in providing mentorship to not only to adults but as well as to children as he believes that children are the future. Currently Steve harvey has a foundation which allows him and his team to provide tools and mentorship to young adults, you can learn more about his foundation by visiting
       Harvey has 3.4 million followers on his Instagram,close to 7 million followers on his Facebook and 3.26 million fans follow him on his Twitter account.


NET WORTH: $140 Million                        

FIRST JOB: Comedian

PLACE OF BIRTH: Welch, West Virginia   

SECRET TO SUCCESS: Creating a Vision Board


"Your dream has to be bigger then your fear."
Steve Harvey New York Times Best Seller