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What Does Your Body Language Say About You?

Body language is an essential nonverbal form of communication it conveys more than 50% of what we intend to communicate. Even when people don’t use words to express themselves, they can show emotions through body language and believe me a lot can be said without saying much at all. Learning to understand the importance of body language can be a beneficial aid to interpret what people are feeling as well as thinking


  1. Happiness
  2. Sadness
  3. Fear
  4. Anger
  5. Surprised
  6. Disgust

Now, let’s picture someone who is happy, what do you see? Is it someone who is smiling, who is joyful excited full of positivity? Most likely yes, every emotion can readily be envisioned and given a proper facial expression, a form of body language. We are well aware of the emotional cues, we know how a sad, happy, surprised or feared individual might look like, we know the exact form of body language that corresponds with every emotion. Learning how to use your body language will become the most powerful tool both in your personal and well as professional life. Now let’s get started and see exactly how body language works.


Over 80% of our world is taken in through our eyes.


One of the ways to assure certainty is through direct eye contact. If you are meeting a possible business prospect, it’s critical to use direct eye contact to show honesty and security. Direct eye contact is the best way to build trust with someone. Keep in mind do not stare into another person’s eyes continuously brake the eye contact by looking away at times you don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable.


When conversing with someone pay close attention when someone starts to look sideways, this can hint that the person is feeling agitated, frustrated or insecure.


Can indicate that someone is nervous or lying.



Crossed arms usually indicate that the person is not open to listening. When a person is crossing their arms, they are protecting themselves by closing off from unwanted information, next time you see someone crossing their arms trying to make them feel more welcomed and interested in the subject.


Usually indicates that the person is comfortable with you. Arms behind back exposes the torso suggesting that they are comfortable in their surroundings.


Usually indicates authority, like a parent, a teacher, a boss someone who influences our actions. This position usually suggests that the person may be upset or unhappy with us or it may indicate some power.



Just like crossed arms crossed legs indicated lack of trust or security.


This stated assurance, usually showing that the person is grounded and confident in themselves as well as their surroundings.


Usually indicates where the person wants to be, pay close attention to this, and you will soon know the person’s immediate motive.


Have you ever felt uncomfortable when standing too close to someone? I know I have! Personal space is essential especially when it comes to a professional or business setting. You don’t want to cross that line of personal space. We don’t need to be in someone’s face to prove a point and get a message across. People value others who value their space. Let’s take a look at personal space in all criterias.


About (6in-18in) depending in intimacy level. This includes family and very close friends. Of space. Simply said these are people who you are most comfortable around.


About (18in-46in) a distance during a social gathering, such as birthday parties, family events, school events and much more.


About (4ft-12ft) reserved for any person we just met, an acquaintance or someone of authority or anyone whom we have not yet build trust or rapport with.


Have you ever heard the saying “walk the walk and talk the talk”? This goes a long way, a confident and or successful person will always “walk the walk,” their posture screams confidence and shows their assurance of themselves. On the other hand someone with less confidence may walk with their head and shoulders down, this screams that I am not confident.

So stand up tall and put your shoulders back and walk like you own that place and you will be shocked with the arising self-confidence and self-pride.


Many successful businessmen and women have used the mirroring technique as a mechanism to gain trust from others. The way it works is by observing what the person across is doing and doing just that, in other words, if the person is leaning in during a conversation you want to do the same if they are learning back you do the same and vice versa.

Body language is an essential part of our communication it’s important to learn exactly how it works and how we can impact both our personal and professional life. I am with hope that you will find this information valuable and you will use it to change your life.